TDE Synthesis Volume 1993 to 2000

The TDE synthesis volume is available from Springer as Volume 166 in their Ecological Studies series.


Hanson PJ, Wullschleger SD, Eds, (2003) North American Temperate Deciduous Forest Responses to Changing Precipitation Regimes. Ecological Studies 166, Springer, New York, 472 p.


Foreword - (Jerry Elwood, US Department of Energy, Program for Ecosystem Research)
Preface - (Paul J. Hanson and Stan D. Wullschleger)

Section 1. Introduction

1.  Introduction - Paul J. Hanson and Frederick M. O'Hara, Jr.

2.  Walker Branch Throughfall Displacement Experiment (TDE) - Paul J. Hanson, Donald E. Todd, and Michael A. Huston

Section 2.  Carbon cycle processes
3. Deciduous Hardwood Photosynthesis: Species Differences, Temporal Patterns and Response to Soil Water Deficits - Kell B. Wilson and Paul J. Hanson

4. Aboveground Autotrophic Respiration - Nelson T. Edwards and Paul J. Hanson

5. Dormant Season Nonstructural Carbohydrate Storage - Timothy J. Tschaplinski and Paul J. Hanson

Section 3.  Water Cycle Processes
6. Sensitivity of Sapling and Mature-tree Water Use to Altered Precipitation Regimes - Stan D. Wullschleger and Paul J. Hanson

7. Stomatal behavior of Forest Trees in Relation to Hydraulic, Chemical and Environmental Factors - Robert M. Augé

8. Leaf Water Potential, Osmotic Potential, and Solute Accumulation of Several Hardwood Species as Affected by Manipulation of Throughfall Precipitation in an Upland Quercus Forest - Timothy J. Tschaplinski and  Michael G. Gebre

9. 18O and 13C in Leaf Litter Versus Tree-ring Cellulose as Proxy Isotopic Indicators of Climate Change - Lee W. Cooper and Corina Solis

Section 4. Decomposition and Soil Carbon Turnover
10. Soil Respiration and Litter Decomposition - Paul J. Hanson, Elizabeth G. OíNeill, M. Lala S. Chambers, Jeffery S. Riggs, J. Devereaux Joslin, and Mark E. Wolfe

11. Soil Carbon Turnover - Julia B. Gaudinski and Susan E. Trumbore

12. Rates of Coarse-Wood Decomposition  - Donald E. Todd and Paul J. Hanson

Section 5. Plant Growth and Mortality
13. Tree Seedling Recruitment in a Temperate Deciduous Forest: Interactive Effects of Soil Moisture, Light, Slope Position - Jake F. Weltzin and Philip B. Allen

14. Response of Understory Tree Seedling Populations to Spatiotemporal Variation in Soil Moisture - Michael A. Huston, Milena Holmgren, and Michelle B. Kreh

15. Tree and Sapling Growth and Mortality - Paul J. Hanson, Donald E. Todd, Darrell C. West, Nelson T. Edwards, M. Lynn Tharp, and William A. Simpson Jr.

16. Fine Root Growth Response to Precipitation Change - J. Devereux Joslin and Mark H. Wolfe

17. Canopy Production  - Paul J. Hanson, Donald E. Todd, and J. Devereux Joslin

Section 6.  Response of Other Organisms
18. Foliar Chemistry and Herbivory  - Donald J. Shure, Peter D. Mooreside, Rebekah E. Chapman, and Allan D. Wilson

19. Opportunistically Pathogenic Root Rot fungi ­ Armillaria Species - Johann N. Bruhn and Jeanne D. Mihail

20. The Influence of Precipitation Change on Spiders as Top Predators in the Detrital Community - Kenneth L. Cramer

Section 7.  Forest Stand-level Syntheses
21. Forest Water Use and the Influence of Precipitation Change - Stan D. Wullschleger, Paul J. Hanson, and Donald E. Todd

22. Estimating the Net Primary and Net Ecosystem Production of a Southeastern Upland Quercus Forest from an 8-Year Biometric Record - Paul J. Hanson, Nelson T. Edwards, Timothy J. Tschaplinski, Stan D. Wullschleger, and J. Devereux Joslin
23. Nutrient Availability and Cycling - Dale W. Johnson, Paul J. Hanson, and Donald E. Todd

Section 8.  Extrapolations
24. Long-term Forest Dynamics and Tree Growth at the TDE Site on Walker Branch Watershed - Michael A. Huston, Donald E. Todd, and D. Gregory Barlar

25. Simulated Patterns of Forest Succession and Productivity as a Consequence of Altered Precipitation - Stan D. Wullschleger, Carla A. Gunderson, Lynn M. Tharp, and Darrell C. West

26. Regional Implications of the Throughfall Displacement Experiment on Forest Productivity  - E. Raymond Hunt Jr.

Appendix:  List of Scientific and Common Species Names

Subject Index

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